Henry Hamster

Henry's hero is Justin Beiber, he's tried to post videos to YouTube, but his furry fingers can't quite work the webcam. Henry is certain he'll be a famous pop star hamster one day, and he loves practising with his friends.


Henrietta Hamster

Henrietta likes to think that she'd be a princess, if only hamsters had royal families. She loves tiaras, new shoes, and all manner of pretty dresses. Even though she fancies herself to be among the hamster elite, she loves singing with anyone and everyone - she especially loves it when she can sing the melody!


Harriet Hamster

Harriet is a bit of a tomboy, and when she's not singing with her friends, she loves climbing up branches, digging big holes, and having adventures. The thing she loves the most about singing in harmony is that it can make you feel part of something exciting, and you never scrape your knees.


Harry Hamster

Harry's a stocky hamster with a heart of gold, and even though he can be a few spokes short of a hamster wheel on occasion, he has a lovely pure voice and always enjoys singing with his friends. Go Harry!